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Jews and Violence

The Jewish Establishment's concepts of violence and nonviolence are too often derived not from Jewish sources but from assimilated liberal ones.

Too many of our lay and also, incredibly, "religious" leaders derive their knowledge and concepts from foreign, not Jewish, sources.

Our rabbis have told us that "the actions of the fathers are a sign (direction) for the sons", and it behooves us to search Jewish history and Jewish tradition for the proper Jewish response to evil and oppression.

What a Jew must and must not do for other Jews who are suffering is predicated upon the great idea of Ahavat Israel, love of Jews.

This magnificent concept is stated simply, forcefully, and unequivocally in the Torah (Leviticus, 19:16):
"Thou shalt not stand idly by your brother's blood."

The talmudic commentary on this verse is quite as clear (Sanhedrin 73):
"How do we know that one who sees his comrade drowning in the sea or threatened by a wild beast or by armed robbers is obligated to save him?

"We are taught: Thou shalt not stand idly by your brother's blood.

"How do we know that if one sees someone pursuing his comrade with the purpose of killing him, that he is free to save a life through killing the pursuer?

We are taught: "Thou shalt not stand idly by.....".

What we have inherited as Torah Halakha is hardly a theorical thing. From the days that our father Abraham went to battle against the four Kings in order to save his nephew Lot to the moment that Moses smote an Egyptian rather than create a committee to study the root causes of Egyptian anti-Semitism; from the wars of Joshua and the Prophets (Ehud, Déborah, Gideon, Samson, Yiftach) to the battles of David; from the Maccabees to the students of Rabbi Akiba who were sent from their studies to fight with Bar Kochba's army---Jewish leadership has taken an active and violent part in the struggle for freedom.


Hadar, Jewish Dignity and pride

Hadar, dignity and pride.

The concept of Hadar, a concept which the great Jewish leader Zev Jabotinsky attempted to instill in the oppressed and degraded masses of Eastern Europe, is still a principle that we carry within us at all times.

The hatred and contempt of the anti-Semite is an attempt to degrade the Jew. It is an attempt to instill within him a feeling of inferiority.

It is an attempt which all too often succeeds in promoting Jewish self-hatred and shame and the attempt to escape one's Jewishness.

Hadar is pride. Hadar is self-respect. Hadar is dignity in being a Jew.

The words of Jabotinsky echo in majesty:

"Hadar! A Jew, even in poverty remains a prince.
Wether servant or serf you were created the son of Kings,
Crowned with the diadem of David;
In light or in darkness, remember the crown...


Make alyah, go up to Israel.

What a glorious challenge you have been given!
The gauntlet has been thrown down before you, and you must climb the heights of greatness!
Alyah, going up to the land, this is the task at hand.

Leave behind the dust of Exile, the terrible fate that awaits us, our enemies of the Diaspora who thirst for our blood and plan yet another Auschwitz.

Make your plans and leave the graveyards of Galut and live in our own land--free, a majority, alive.

Guarantee the preservation of your children and children's children.


Young Jew, Israel is your home!

Young Jew, Baruch, whom I have never met, come home.
Return to your people and their destiny. It is beautiful. You are young and for you, return is simple.

And know that your life can only be lived in one place. Home. The Land of Israel.

It is a large land. Extending from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, from Hermon through Sinai to Eilat.

It stands, capable of absorbing millions, many millions of its sons and daughters who have not yet come.

It is the land where one cannot move without colliding with the Jewish past.

This is the land where Abraham walked and Isaac and Jacob traveled; where David and Saul fought the enemy and Deborah and Samson smote the foe; where the Prophets raised their eyes unto the heavens and spoke to the people; where the Maccabees preserved Judaism with the sword and where the Sanhedrin and Ben Zakai continued it with the book; where Bar Kochba died and where his children will return.

Here is Eretz Israel; here is your home.


Violence: Is This Any Way For A Nice Jewish Boy To Behave?

Once upon a tine, the Jew was not a member of the liberals--neither in form nor in spirit.
It was not in the role of Mahatma Ganghi that the Jews fought at Massada; the men of Bar Kochba and Judah Maccabee never went to a Quaker meeting.
The Jews of old--when Jews were knowledgeable about their religion, when they turned the page of the Jewish Bible instead of turning the Christian cheek--understood the concept of the Book and the Sword.
It was only in the horror of the ghetto with its fears, neuroses, and insecurities that the Jew began to react in fright rather than with self-respect.
That is what the ghetto does to a Jew.


Trust in the G-d of the Jews

It is faith, belief and trust in G-d which make up the key to the Redemption.

Faith in the Jewish destiny, in the belief that if the Jew remains true to his G-d and to his heritage, he can never be destroyed.

Belief in the power and the will of his G-d to destroy the enemy.

Faith and belief that all the horses, chariots, Jets and nuclear weapons in the world are as nothing before the G-d of history; that the rational and logical and obvious and pragmatic wither away before the power of the Creator and Destroyer the G-d who shapes and forms.


Message to the Christian Americans

President Trump is trying to divide the land of Israel to build a Muslim "Palestinian" State in his so called "deal" of the century.

American Christians: "Let the others speak to you of oil and trade and interests.

They come with a sword and a spear and a shield but we, the Jewish people, come in the name of the L-rd of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel.

If you, the Christian, really believe in the Bible, in the prophecies that are written therein,

No to the Trump "deal" of the Century!

Each retreat will leave behind it a depressing knowledge of impending disaster, a feeling of defeat and coming tragedy.

Sanity requires us to say no now, not later when we look upon us and see that our backs have been pushed to the sea.


The Jew must Fear Nobody

If we really believe that Abraham followed the path of the fiery furnace, that Nahshon leaped into the Red Sea, that Gideon led 300 soldiers into battle against the mighty enemy, that David walked into combat with the giant Goliath, and that Isaiah spat in the face of the all-powerful Assyrians---then we have cited cases of Jews who truly believed in the only way belief has any meaning, who at the moment of truth risked their lives on the assumption that the G-d of History did indeed exist.

It is not enough to be a comfortably practicing Jew.

Too many "atheists" practice a superficial religious observance, yet join the irreligious in crumbling before the fear of man.

We know the Jew who believes in G-d until the war sends him flying back to the Exile.

The Jew who prays for Zion from a safe distance of 5000 miles.

Under all their prayer shawls is a body that denies the Jewish G-d of History.


The Strength of Jewish Faith

The path of logic would have called for an understanding that it is impossible to wander in Exile for 2000 years, that it is not logical to stand alone and persecuted against an entire world, that if one is faced with death or conversion, one chooses conversion.
That would have been the path of rationality, and the end of the Jew. Our fathers were "madmen", and because of them we survive. That is the truth of the Jewish belief.